flying the void

Under the sea of clouds, nothing but emptiness. At this imaginary seaedge, a little summit surrounded by an endless cloud slick is rising off. Only a lonely island where a few fishing moutain men’s shelters are standing is piercing this white horizon.

Above the sea clouds the unspoilt and pure sky has remained unflown. Until now. Damian and his friend Pierre came to conquer the celestial land. Courageaous sky sailors, they are ready to risk their own screaming monsters.

Island in the sky

risky buisiness

The air is less dense at the top of this moutain. Colder, for sure. But with a weak density too. Despite its fine tuned Revolt and a powerful setup, Damian felt a huge difference beeetween flying above the land and the high skies. Its quad got vibrating. The rare micro oscillations Damian has been hunting for hours on the ground have reached back the heart of the revo : the gyro. Because of the lack of air, I guess. But the machine stays under control.

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Maybe four blades props or higher pitch could have solved this problem, it should be interesting to investigate that way. 

source, Helico Micro

You have to be brave to fly above such a sea. If Damian’s AstroX X5 has felt, even a GPS tracker ( the lighter I know is the one I use : the GT 340 ) could haven’t been able to find the frame. Even when you own several quads, it is always a pain in the ass to loose one.

Other islands, far away
In is googles, this is what Damian sees

A new YT channel

I did not intend to speak so early about this new project. As a redactor in chief of this site, i’ve seen the drop in video statistics. People is getting bored with so much FPV footages. That’s precisely why we have decided to create a very special channel, dedicated to the very best FPV videos in the word. As long as they respect the law of the country they come from. A few other simple rules will be created fot the good sake of our passion.

This particular video that Damian sent me yesterday is the perfect example of what we are looking for. But my intention is not only to assemble stuffs from everywhere. I intend to film some incredible things myself. About that, i can’t say anything today. But as english readers, you may not know Despite we don’t usually write in english, some of you have heard about Zigogne ( in a rotor riot video ) or about us (  Zigogne and fpv-passion used to be the project, a few years ago ).

short introducing

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We were born in 2013 and we were one the first to speak about fpv. Today, we are ready a lot of european pilots and this is the most important. France is a little country and i ‘m satisfied with our results, which are far to be bad. We write reviews, we test gear , we expain how a brushless motor works, how to choose ans treat a lipo… Our first goal is to share our passion. 

This is my first article on english. You’ll find mystakes ans bad traduction but I did not want to Google trad. I apologize for this. 

The creation of this channel is very closed. I’m looking for the right name of it. Something like wonderful FPV…

Tks for reading this little paper. You can send your files ( links will be ok for a start but later we are going to directly upload the footages when possible ). Only the best of the best will be choosen. Bring your sponsors ! As usual I mean. Via logos, on screen pics…

Please share and let me know if I have to make corrections or changes. Good ideas and suggestions are welcome ! I hope we are going to handle this new channel, together.

Here is the links in french language for our french speaking canadian friends.

flying the void


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