Dunkan Bossion and co, overreactions

This weekend, FPV Passion caught a few of the best pilots they could and brought them to a great FPV place : a closed funnyfair. You have to know that in France it is usually illegal to fly in such places. Unless you have the autorisation of the owner, the permission of the aerial authorities and the green light of the closed airport. 

view from an UAV

A common flight

We got all this. So we went to Luna Parc with a bunch of great freestylers, such as Dunkan Bossion, TomZ, the Raw Squad and the Team Borgnes ( the half blind pilots ). 

Will he dare ?

Dunkan and TomZ are both incredible flyers. The first one flies aggressively. The second is a smooth pilot who prefers to express his feelings with acrobatics. I’m always surprised to see how the personality of the pilots appears through their flights. 

The Team Borgnes and the Rawsquad are no more beginners. Each day they get closer to the highest level. The Brother Drone Race team make their own frames like the future 5s 140 low profile Vendetti

The brother Drone race team is composed by a very experimented guy and his brother, who is fond of aerial shooting. He handled a good part of the videos shooting with Sebastien, a Team Borgnes professionnal UAV pilot.

A common work

Together, we decided to combine racer footages and UAV sequences. In order to get an unique result. We also found a way to highlight the skill of the freestylers and their machines. Usaually, we don’t see enough the quads in external view and people is slowly getting bored with all those FPV footages. Unless they’re extraordinary like Johnny FPV ones . That’s why it’s important to show the multirotors flying. That’s unfortunately quite hard to do. So we inovated. You’ll see the result as soon as the 100 gigas of rushes are ready. 

We also used a FPV RC car with a gimbal and the result is great. You’ll see a group of quads leaking the ground at 60 mph. Brillant.

see you soon

Please, excuse my english wich is probably quite not good. I write about FPV since 2013 and i rarely translate my articles. But our site is now well known in Europe. I hope to see you soon here ! Some other videos are coming !  

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