Win the mini Swift runcam and a full 21 volts 140 mm frame setup !

Being honest is the right way to behave, in general. That’s why I immediately confess that the scale on this pic is not really correct. The lighter is simply huge and the size of the camera is almost regular. But the Mini Swift is a response to the perpetual narrowing of our frames and gear. Runcam did not miss the opportunity to release a product well adapted to the 130 class. That’s why we decided to offer the sample Runcam kindly sent us. As well as a 140 Frame dedicated to a 5S setup ( VTX, frame, camera, lipo 21 v  800 mAh ). We ? Who is we ?

Some of you already knows us. Our site was born in 2013 and is quite famous in the french speaking FPV world. If I may, i’ll come back later in this page. I’m going to introduce ourself in the right way ( at the end of this article ). For now, let’s discover the Mini Swift and the freestyle contest. 

The Little one

Usually, the smaller the fpv camera gets, the less good they are. I’m speaking about the super tiny ones you can buy for a couple of USD, which are quite poor in quality ( the cameras, not the USD ! ).

The Mini Swift is smaller than its older sister but not that much. It’s more a question of shape and of camera holders.

And these particular shape is well adapted to new 130 / 170 frames. Runcam did not miss the recent wawe on wich we pilot are more and more surfing : the 130 class frame wave.


Same performances than the  regular Swift ?

The tension range, the illumination ( 0.01 lux  ), the WDR… Everything seems to be equal to regular fv cameras. My early testes confirm that. That is important because flying a 9 dollars camera does not feel the same as a HS1177. The FOV and the lenses of those tiny cameras tends to deform the screen. Sometimes the image gets blurry too. The differences between what you see in yout goggles and what you watch later on your laptop is quite important. It is much better to use a regular FPV cam when possible. With this new mini S, the possibilities are more numerous.

maximum tilt

As you know, the more the frames are little, the more pitch we need. The mini Swift comes with holders wich allow a huge tilting range. I bet on 60° but it seems that you can go to 70. I’m not totally sure about this, i do not own the right tool to measure the tilting. 

Anyway, the three holes on the camera can be mixed to the three ones on the FPV camera. It provides a lot of possibilities. You’ll also find two kinds of cam holders. Of course, the gear to fix the mini is provided, and an OSD cable as well. 


  •  5v – 36 v
  • Weight : 12 g
  • Dimensions : 22.3 mm * 22 mm * 27 mm
  • 1/3″ SONY Super HAD II CCD
  • Resolution 600TVL
  • Lens 2.5mm
  • PAL / NTSC
  • Shutter speed : PAL : 1/50 ~ 100,000; NTSC : 1/60 ~ 100,000
  • Autogain (AGC)
  • (BLC) Yes
  •  0.01Lux/1.2F
  • WDR D-WDR ( Wide Dynamic Range )

wanna win the whole thing ? 

Here is what puts in the game : 

  1. A Vendetti custom Low Profile 5S 850 mAh compatible
  2. 4 x ESC 30 A Armattan 4-6S
  3. 1 x lipo 5S 850 mAH 
  4. 1 x Runcam Mini Swift  5S compatible
  5. A set of of the excellent 3 inches props, DYS 3040

custom frame, armattan production

Low Profil Style, better COG

As I said earlier, the FPV Passion team and the Brothers drones race team, we organized a freestyle contest. In order to offer a 5S Vendetti as a reward price. Before that, we’ve been testing the beast and improving the 5S dedicated setup. And it works great ! Here it is : 

  • Rcx 1706 3200 kv 
  • 30 A ESC
  • 5S etc…

We chose 3200 kv motors because we wanted to keep a commun RPM range with the 4S setup. The RPM are in part the same but as you guess, the torque is totally different ! We also wanted to keep the possibility to fly 4S. The choice is yours. 

I can assure you, and the video will prove it, that the Vendetti is a wild thing that we cannot let in beginner’s hands. That is why this competition is more for experimented pilots. But we added a special feature :

A contest for all freestylers 

We did not wanted to make a lotery or something like a  » like and share «  system. We decided to let a little hope to the most creative pilots who could eventually compensate their  » weakness  » ( no offense here ! ) with a bonus factor. This bonus is also for the good cause. The idea is to fly a spot that anyone could appreciate. To get the Factor Bonus, you freestyle vidéo has to seduce every kind of people. By taking place in a special place or in a beautiful spot. You’ll see an example right here, below. 

A theme to be respected

The main idea is to respect a theme. Wich is : Fly low ! Flying too high is not legal in every country. It is also too easy to fly high. A good pilot is able to manadge a low freestyle and this is the ultim proof of his skills. 

It is impossible for us to measure how high you’re going to fly so let’s say that the limit is 10 meters high. The more closed to the ground you fly, the more the theme is respected and understood by you.  



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contest rules

1-About the video

  •  1 minute 30 max. More or less 10 % above or below : 1 mn 39 is the limit and 1 mn 21 is the minimum
  • One shot footages ! No editing, we want some Raw tricks.
  • One lipo session. 
  • The jury loves music but we would like to hear your props too.Youtube now allows you to mix the music and the original noise. 
  • Each pilot can send 1 vidéo maximum
  • send it the way you want. You can add a spot in our fresh app and join a link to the video. Or you can email, post on FB… 
  • All class
  • All motors, electric only
  • 3 motors to 8 motors
  • 3D flghts are welcomed
  • Servos too
  • Any kind of copters ( Tris, quads, Y3, Y6… )
  • No wings, spinning props only
  •  1S à 6S max. 
  • 7 inches props max

2-The laws 

Each country has its own laws. It is not possible for us to check everything. Here are what you can do in France, for example :

  • Don’t fly under 50 m next to a road
  • Don’t fly under 40 km from an airport
  • Don’t hover the crowd
  • You can fly during the aeronautic day : 30 mn before dawn or 30 mn after sunset.( no mistake, no inversion here )

For the other countries, you have to handle your flights yourself. You’re all adults. And if you’re not, we need your parents authorisation to post your video, according to your country’s laws.

3-A relevant jury

  1. We picked a jury that you won’t deny, I hope. The first of all is TomZ, a Lumenier pilot. If you want to see his level of competences, watch what we’ve made with him and with the brothersdronerace team. Here are the other guys of the jury : 
  2. The FPV Passion team. We receive freestyle videos every day. We publish the best ones. And first of all, we are the organizers. Redactors, pilots… The whole team is involved.
  3. Stéphane,  the Brother drone race number 1 ( Arcus ). He drew the Vendetti, that is logical he is part of the jury.



Who are we ?

The App

To be short, we are pilots before all. We are involved in the fpv community since years. We are doing our best to share our passion. Our site and team test the newest gear sent by majors. We organize races, meetings and so on. 

Last thing we did : we’ve created a mobile application wich streams the articles of the site but wich also allows you to share your favorite spots. You can link the video you filmed at the place you share in the app.

I’ve set a «  News in english  » tab in the application. I’m going to try to write more and more articles in english but that is already a full time job to write them in french…

The Vendetti

A view from above

The Vendetti is one of the first 5S 140 class frame. It is a frame well conceived. It exists in a 4S version and a 4 inches iteration is about to be released soon. I’ve

4S version

tried a 1407 3500 kv with non BN 4045 props on a 170 frame and i’ve been extremely surprised by the power !

usefull links

New 920 mAh are about to come. EPS 920 mAh 5S 75 C. The one we offer here is no more sold ( It is a 800 mAh 60 C 5S). 

The contest ends the 27/03/2017. Send your footages on our FB page, on my email ( ) or on our mobile App :

We wish you luck, may the Freestyle be with you guys !

vendetti 5S los, 1st flight


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