High in the air, deep in the water ! 

Val is quite famous by here, in France. Because he dares to both fly and tale stories in its footages. I mean real stories. This time, he flew above a lake in order to try APC props. Nothing exceptional until now. His flight were really smooth , full of flexibility and fluidity. But he had a little problem above the black water… I leave you the surprise. 


This FPV video is made like a short movie. Six hours of work have been necessary to release it. But the final result worths the efforts Val made in front of his laptop. Of course, the real star of this little film is the flight itself. As a pilot, you’ll certainly appreciate the tricks and the acroobatics. 


Thanks to the local diving club, a solution has been found. the gopro is waterproof so it ‘s recorded enough footages to create a refreshing story. I assume this short movie represents the future of the FPV videos. The good old days are finished, a simple recorded flight has to propose something more to be shared on the word wide web. I think this one could cross the numeric fronteers of our screens. 

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