Test and comparison of three 600 TVL FPV cameras, included the Turbo S1 Caddx

With so much new products to be released each months, it is pleasant to review another brand, especially one who propose a new FPV Camera : the Turbo S1 Caddx. I’ve been flying it for one week so I decided to make three footages with the very popular VTX03 and the Micro Runcam. Considering the three most important things in FPV are :

  • The latency
  • The dynamic
  • The sharpness

I tried to be a good observer. You won’t be able to see everything I did but I tried different screens and even two different TBS Tangos. The following videos are done with this particular radio because it is the best VRX I own. The directionnal antenna allows me to fly quite far and even behind my position, with almost zero glitches ( depending on VTX, of course ). You will notice that the signal is good despite the fact I flew in an area full of interferences.

Let’s now discover the Turbo S1 by testing :

  1. The design
  2. The latency and the dynamic
  3. The global performances and results with three video samples

A classic design

Foxeer are the only one who colored their cameras in something else than black, orange or grey. Caddx had a good idea, they sell a green one. It allows us to personalize our quads a different way. Yellow color is also avalaible.

I mounted the Turbo S1 on a custom Ultim 130, a frame made by my friend ( Stephane from Brothers Drone Race, avalaible on the Armattan Production shop ). The printed parts are also done by a friend ( lHélice cassée ). With Brotherhobby 1407 3600 kv, a F4 FC ( Yupif4, the best I ever had, with certified components only ).

YupiF4 mini version. Super durable BEC and certified components

The design of the Turbo is very similar to the Runcam Mini Swift, I guess the plastic box comes from the same manufacturer or something like that. The lens is different than the one of the Runcam. It comes in 2.1, 2.3 or 2.5 mm. A better range in the Caddx line up.

The holder is also similar except that the set is provided with more screws and even two hex toos to bring with on the field.

The latency, super fast camera !

Unfortunately I did not achieve to film both the TBS Tango screen and my smartphone one. But I tried different cameras and the Turbo S1 seems to be a little faster than the two others ones. I’ve tested the S1 with a stopwatch, several times. The average is around 30 MS but this not really a precise result. For a 600 TVL, it is plausible all the same.

During the flight, I obviously did not feel any differences beetween those three cameras. Honestly, I’m more interested in the dynamic performances of the the S1 because it is absolutely essential to use a FPV camera capable of brightness / shadow adaptibility.

The Sharpness and the Dynamic

I found this video on YT, it was made by Igor’ Zaev. You will see how fast the camera adjusts the dynamic to the light changes. I tried myself to fly in different situations, into the light then into the shadow. The S1 is reactiv enough, maybe a little more than my other cameras.

Micro runcam


Turbo S1

Global performances and results

Here are three pictures of the sky, made the same in a ten mn range of time.

Micro Runcam
Turbo S1

As you see, the last TX03 picture is much less sharp. The micro contrasts are almost totally missing. But the colors are more natural than the Runcam and the S1 samples. speakinf of colors, the Runcam are way too flashy, I felt like flying in a fairy tail ! The Turbo S1 are not really better but they are more realistic. Anyway, we cant’t ask for miracles here, those FPV cameras remain an old technology.

I tried to modify the White Balance on the S1 but there is no way to load anything else than preset tuning. By default, the Yelow are too present but this also the case with the runcam. On the contrary, the TX03 is not punchy enough.

Is the Turbo S1 a good FPV camera ?

Yes it is. Unless the S1 looks like a Runcam Swift twin sister, it may be better than a Micro Runcam. The sharpness is quite the same but it’s a better camera in terms of adaptability. For me, this is the most important quality a pilot needs to FPV. The OSD is cool and the wide power input ( 5-40 v ) alows to power the camera with 6S lipos ( beware of the BEC ! ). Caddx is not very famous yet but a lot of shops are now resellers. You’ll find the Turbo S1 on the Caddx website.

It is quite likely that Caddx will realase some others cameras in the future but it certainly also depends on the S1 succes. Mine won’t quit my 130 frame, I’m glad with them both.

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