A gift for every Betaflight OSD user : get your logo on screen in 2 minutes

The Betaflight logo is cool but we are a lot of pilots with our own alias or team logo. We would like to see it on screen when we start our FPV system, that would be so cool. Until today there was only two solutions to do that : fly with a Brain FPV FC and go their page, load our logo and flash our FC . Or be able to code Betaflight ourselves. Two ways  which are not democratic enough to let every pilot customize its OSD.

I used the Brain FPV excellent idea and asked to the Yupif4 Flight Controler makers team ( a famous french FC with verified quality components ) to create a web page capable of generating a cmc file by simply loading a .png pic. By doing this, you could get something easyly usable to upload in BF, as any other font. The only thing you have to do is to create/modify your logo or alias in the right colors and size. This tip works with every BF flight controler ( 3.0 at least ), with native OSD of course.

Your own logo on screen, yeah !

Please, excuse my strange english and my ils fashion style. I’ve been writing FPV related articles for years but I rarely use the english langage.

Anyway, I thought it would be fresh ( ??? ) to share this process with you guys. Moreover, it is extrely simple to add your logo or your name instead of the regular picture. As easy as uploading a font in the OSD tab of the configurator, like I said earlier. Maybe later, we will update our work and the pilot name will be available in the font of your choice, during all flight. For now, if you follow the process you will be able to get something like this :

And this more useful you can imagine. Especially for shops, team pilots, quad builders…

How to

A – Get your name on screen

1- first of all you’ll have to create the pic if you don’t already have one. Please, use those two colors only :

  1. Yellow instead of white ( it works better. To get White, use the yellow color )
  2. Black remains Black 

Your picture must be 288 x 72 pixels. Use a free software like The Gimp, Photoshop or even simplier : Paint.net

Open a new file, you’ll get a window like this one. I know, this one is in french here but I’m sure it won’t be a problem for you. Here is an example ( below ), you can copy it and paste it in your own soft.

2-Write your name into it. We just updated the fonts, more sizes are now available.

3-Save it as a .png file

Upload it on the english version of the YupiF4 page 

4- Get the file generated by the web page. Step 1 is finished !

It means : Your file and download !

Link to the english version page ( final step )

B – Get your logo on screen

almost the same process except that you’ll have to resize your logo ( click on Image/resize ). It has to fit the 288 x 72 pixel pic. Then, use the magic wound thing to erase the blank parts and get a transparent picture. Let’s try with our logo :

  • Open the logo in Paint.net
  • Select the magic then point anything else than the logo itself
  • If needed, replace the white parts with yellow color ( white is not supported by the OSD ), to do so, use this :
  • Save as a png file then go to  the yupif4 page

Installation into the OSD

  • Depending on the FC you own, you’ll maybe have to power up your quad
  • Power up your FPV system

Don’t worry, it is very easy to get back to the original betaflight logo.


Select the file via Open font file in the OSD tab of the configurator

  • Click on Upload Font, Betaflight restarts and your logo appears :

Thanks to

The Yupi Family wich made the web page and the coding work. The very first idea comes from Brain FPV ( their graphical OSD is very flexible ) but we wanted everyone to take advantage of this without having to flash the FC. That is a little gift from us to you.

More useful than you think : Ideas

  • Do you build BNF quads for customers ? Add your logo to promote your work.
  • Got a shop ? Put your logo in your betaflight products.
  • Got a team ?
  • A website ? Etc…

It’s for you, do what you want

I think you got it, this is a first step to Betaflight OSD customization . We already are working on a permanent pilot logo wich could be on screen permanently Not too big, not too small. Maybe the FPV Camera manufacturers could also imagine new fonts, new ways to upgrade every pilot style.

We hope you appreciate the idea.

Link to the english version page ( final step )

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